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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gardening Anyway

I May be a Cripple, But

I am a gardener. In a past life, I did this for a living. Building ponds, putting rocks in the right places to make waterfalls, landscaping the pond and beyond to make a client’s garden beautiful. 
I still garden, but I do it sitting down. It doesn’t make the garden less beautiful, the flowers less vibrant or the waterfall more soothing.
Yes, it takes immeasurably longer, but in the warm spring and hot summer days, is it not worth it? The flowers don’t care if I can walk or not. In fact, perhaps they may try even harder to be prettier longer so I can enjoy them from the front deck or through the windows that line the front of the house.
Today’s garden pictures show the yellow and red in this morning’s garden. Day lilies, short-lived, but oh so many smile at me to make my morning start happily.  Tiger lilies, also known as ditch lilies, are just as pretty and perhaps happier because they have been relocated from the ditch to the heights of the garden and line the path behind the pond.

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