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Thursday, July 23, 2015

In My Own Backyard

My scooter sits right outside the back door in a little cubby built just for it. The cubby has a roof to keep it dry and an electric outlet to plug it in at night. 

All I have to do is get to the back door, into the seat of the scooter, back up, then drive down the ramp and travel the paths of our 6 acres. Granted I can’t get up and down the ravine to the creek, but I am so happy with my at home travels. We are in the process of building a switchback so I can get to the creek, but that's slow going, as you can imagine. 

Can’t get up this grade, but that’s OK.

The deck you see has a ramp up to it and down the other side. The back door is where the scooter lives during the night and when it’s raining.

I can get to the veggie gardens

I garden in raised beds. These are straw bales when they were installed in February.  Now they are filled with tomatoes, peppers, okra and green beans. 

I also have a flower garden that I can see directly from the living room.  Donna loves  gardening as much as I do. She is in charge of the flower gardens.

So, you can see that we who are mobility ‘challenged’ live our lives just about like you do.  Sure we are not over four feet tall, but we travel fast and are not all that disadvantaged.

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