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Sunday, July 12, 2015

An Inspiration to us All

I am not inspiring to anyone at all.  I get tired of hearing that. Especially now, when mobility is indeed a challenge daily. Just because I have changed my surroundings to work for me does not  make me inspiring.
I think most people do that. Some have to change more things that others, but mine was simple really.

First, I put grab bars and accessible showers in both bathrooms. I am a good DIYer, so, even though I can't do the work anymore, I can hire somebody relatively inexperience and teach them what to do. After all, I was the first female licensed general contractor in the state of Louisiana with boots on the ground.  Made all those lessons taught to me by my grandparents worth it. I can wield a mighty hammer and butcher wood with the best of them. That’s not inspiring either, just practical. Makes doing home repairs easier. 

I built ramps, OMG, did I build ramps. Up to the front door, the back and up to the deck next to the pool. I can make a circle around the house at deck level. Nice for parties and particularly nice for me. Eliminating stairs is probably the most necessary changes to make to any house.  I advocate all houses being built this way, so they can be accessible to all generations all the time. With intergenerational housing happening more and more, when grandpa moves in, no changes need to be made.

The kitchen is a problem. I do not have the counters cut out, preferring instead to have storage cabinets. I can make do, but my grabbers come in really handy for things above waist level.  I need help with upper cabinets, the top shelf of the freezer and fridge. But help is available because I do not live alone.

Washer/dryer are easy enough. In fact, I am lower, so can fetch dry clothes from the dryer more easily than my wife.

You know I am a gardener.  Because I operate best at waist level, I garden in straw bales and have many rows of them, growing everything from tomatoes of all kinds, to squash, cukes, zucchini, yard long beans, regular pole beans green beans, potatoes and I am trying sweet potatoes this year. 

I grow way too much for just the two of us. Here’s my latest effort to give to the food pantry. 

Pretty, aren't they?

So inspiring? I don’t think so.  Do I feel good about what I have done to make my life as it has always been? You bet.

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