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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bright Red Scooter

Coming out of any store on my scooter is a study in human nature.  I have to navigate the parking lot and often a sidewalk.  Most of the time I am watched. Not maliciously or with pity, but mostly with curiosity.  I never mind that.  I lower the lift on my car and drive the scooter onto the left.  Then I get off the scooter and turn the key that makes the scooter go up in the air. 

That’s usually enough to gather a small audience.  People are genuinely interested in how the contraption works.  Usually the question askers are grey haired men. They want to know if they can build a lift. Of course, they can. It’s a pretty simply concept and if you have the parts, eg, the flat part that holds the scooter, the harness that attaches to the car battery and the hoist that lifts the flat part and simultaneously moves up in the air and at the same time, an arm is lowered that holds the lift in place, it becomes a matter of just putting them all together and attaching it to any car.  It attaches via a trailer hitch that U-Haul will put on your car for you.

Most people who ask questions, want one for themselves or a family member.  They have to buy them these days. Used to be Medicare would pay for them, but fraud by places like The Scooter Store made Medicare stop paying for mobility devices from most any distributor. But now you can get one online from lots of different places. The scooters arrive totally put together, so that's they way to go. Mine is a 4 wheeler that I use not just when I go into town, but around the property as well. Think dirt bike. It does not have the capacity to climb hills like I would like to have, but it does a good job with everything else.

Some people just want to know where to get a lift. Or where to get a scooter. Can they build a scooter? Sure, if they know a bit about batteries, chargers and transaxles.  I can build things, but don’t think I could build a scooter like this one. Think small electric go-cart and you got it.

All in all, the entire assembly is perfect for what it does. It allows me total mobility almost anywhere.  I use the scooter to garden, to get the mail at the end of the driveway, to talk to workers who come here to build decks, ramps, fix things or whatever I wish. 

My mobility would indeed be non existent if not for my scooter.

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