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Friday, July 24, 2015

What's different?

I have been mobility impaired for about 8 years now.  Sure things are different, but really not all that much.  I don’t go to movies, but then again, I really didn’t before either, so I’m not missing much. But the reviews of new movies, I am not missing much.
I miss walking the trails of the parks and natural spaces more than anything.  There are few that are accessible. I suppose that is how it has to be. As soon as we build or pave trails, we are no longer enjoying a wild space.  Might as well scooter along on a sidewalk in a city. Although even accessible trails are very nice. Not as good as walking with a hiking stick and a camera, but nice nonetheless.

Another thing: All work is slower.  I mean all of it.  From cooking to dishes, from building a trellis, planting veggies, picking them or patching a roof, they take days instead of hours.  Even raking the yard or turning the compost happens less often and takes longer.

Used to be standards that were so high that it was difficult to maintain them have been lowered. Now there is “That’s fine,” or “Good enough for government work.”  But I wonder how much of that is inability to walk and how much is just plain being old. I know 70 is the new 60, but in this house, not so much.

Thankfully, our wild 6 acres offer all the wildness we wish for. Growing over the pond and in the forest, even overhanging the driveway are dogwoods

And bluebirds eating the dogwood berries.

Who could really want any more than this?

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