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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Men v Women in the Garden

Most of you already know that I owned a specialty landscaping company for years before I was forced to retire by Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago.

But while I was working, I started noticing the differences between how men approach DIY projects and how women do.  Often I was employed to repair or rebuild the ornamental garden pond that the family took a stab at and didn't succeed.

When men build ponds they want technical, complicated things like automatic water levelers attached to the hose bib. Women just use a garden hose to top off the pond every couple of months. 

Men will run PVC pipes from the house hose bib and put a faucet near the pond. Women: See above.

Men plumb a waterfall with that same PVC pipe, so if it needs repair, you need a saw, sandpaper, more PVC pipe, fittings and that stinky blue glue. Women use flexible tubing. If it breaks, they get a new piece for a couple of bucks.

Men hard wire a pump into an electrical box, so when the pump burns out, an electrician is needed to install a new one. Oh, and hard wiring the pump voids the warranty. Women just plug in the pump. When it burns out, they just plug in a new one.

Men love concrete. They use it to cement down rocks around the pond and try to glue waterfall rocks together. They doh't realize that concrete keeps things apart, not together. Women simply balance the rocks properly, so no concrete is necessary. That way, if rocks need to be moved, they can be picked up and  moved at any time.

Anyone else find this strange?  Or is it just me? 

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