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Monday, September 14, 2015

Cherr-errr-rie CherrieBaaabeee

Cherrie and Jan have been friends for like twenty-five years.  Took less than a day after I met Cherrie to know we'd be friends, too.

Cherrie's someone anyone would want for a friend. She's intelligent.  We've lost count of her degrees. Cherrie is talented.  A dynamite photographer.  A massage therapist with the hands of an angel. She's kind, caring, thoughtful.  Cherrie is also silly.  And I love silly.  If you're  always ready to play a joke on someone, I'm you're man.  Cherrie's a great playmate, too.  Like, how many people can you find - over fifty - who'll get down and dirty with you - over sixty - digging for crystals 'round Mount Ida, looking for fossils among along a rocky road, or help you weed your garden and think its' fun.

Over the last year or so, our good friend has been preparing to embark on an adventure many folks would consider crazy.  Especially crazy for a single woman in her mid fifties.  Cherrie has been in the process of selling all of her belongings.  Yes, you read that correctly: SELLING ALL OF HER BELONGINGS.  What in the hell drove her to that? A dream.  A very BIG DREAM:  To be foot-loose and fancy-free and travel the world for as long as she wants.  To go where she wants, when she wants.  To stay.  Or to go.  France.  Germany. Maybe Turkey.  Certainly Africa. And who knows where else.  Only Cherrie will know when Cherrie knows.

She's gonna do it.  She's leaving on a jet plane... in October.  Landing in London.  Then maybe Scotland, Ireland.  On then to Gay Paree.  Next: Spain.  Spain to hike the Camino de Santiago.  The entire way.  The over the Pyreness way.  Hundreds of kilometers.  Hannibal move outta the way, CherrieBaby is a'coming.

Courage with a capital C and ends with E.  That's Cherrie with a capital C and ends with E...

And, the best thing for all of us: Cherrie will be blogging all along the way, taking pics and posting. Her blog'll be "A Ribbon of Road".  Watch for it.
We'll keep you posted.

And... Althea, have a good day.     

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