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Sunday, September 6, 2015

I Get So Pissed Off

It seems to me that I should be able to do anything that I used to be able to do until I find that I can’t. Used to be, I could reach anything anywhere and haul it down, up or across. Now, not so much.

There’s no “Run to the store and pick up something,” Just to go to the store requires getting the scooter loaded on the lift and then hoping I can maneuver in the store, reach what I need and get past all the obstacles the store owners have put in my path. Every season brings new objects in the aisles. The barbecue grills are moving out now as are the huge bags of charcoal, fertilizer and pesticides.  Halloween pumpkins, costumes, ghosts and goblins have taken the space that used to have barbecue grills. Soon Halloween will give way to Thanksgiving and then the big holiday on Dec 25th. 

But I digress. Used to be, I would get a hammer out of the shed, drive in stakes for a fence and then string the fence, pull it tight and keep the deer out of the garden. Not any more.  Just getting to the hammer is almost impossible, let alone pounding fence stakes in.

Oh, the veggie garden is almost finished for the year, so the old tomato plants have to be pulled, put in the compost heap, stakes have to be put in their bin. Sounds easy and it really is.  Back and forth on the scooter for what seems like 50 times hauling posts to where they belong and pulled up tomatoes. Actually, it’s easier now than having to walk, I guess. Gotta stop bitching about it.

Weeds have to be pulled. Sounds easy, but pulling is not so easy from a seated position. 

In the flower garden, it's time to cut back the irises and most of the perennials. Again, hard to do when you have to do it sitting down.

At least, my scooter battery is fully charged, so I have no real excuse not to do what needs to be done.

Oh and I can get down the driveway to the mailbox faster than Donna can. That’s one thing that’s easier.

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