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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Scootering through the Hoodoos

Bryce Canyon National Park can be seen in two days. I prefer at least 5 days, but we often don’t get what we want and have to settle for seeing what we can in the time we have.

Looking through the Hoodoos

Bryce offers great accessible trails for the person on a scooter. And some of the most spectacular formations can be seen right from the pull outs along the road.  Notice the hoodoos and realize how powerful water can be over time.

You would never think that Bryce could be accessible just by looking at it.  It’s some rugged territory in Utah. But it is. There’s a paved canyon view trail and some great accessible lodging in the park.

A storm was coming that day and that's one place you don't want to be caught when lightning is possible. That storm happened to carry snow, not rain. That was a surprise.

You can certainly drive through the park, but taking a bus leaves both hands for using your camera. All the buses have lifts and run from the visitors center every 15 minutes or so. Take the shuttle and get off when you wish or stay on to be driven all the way around the loop.

Don't get too close. It's a long ways down.

Be sure to see a ranger talk at Sunset Point. They are always great.  

And oh, the photos. Take many for your memory book, so you can relive your Bryce experience years later.

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