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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Living in a Romance Novel

 “He silenced her with his lips. He subdued her squirming because he knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her.  His lips found hers, suppressed her cries and soon she melted into him.”

I know that I could never write romance novels or any novels, for that matter. The words above are just one example of the suppression of women by men.  And we don’t even know it. In fact, we seem to like it.  And I can’t figure out why.

It starts when we are young. In school, teachers call on boys more than girls. Even preschool, boys begin to realize their privilege and power over girls. He gets to take chances, she is dressed in a tutu and expected to sit quietly and play with crayons.  She is taught to be subdued, be quiet and then is dressed so she can’t move freely to climb a tree.

During school years, young women are taught how to please young men. They must dress appropriately so as not to arouse young men into raping them, but have to look nice, wear makeup and carefully keep grades down so young men won’t feel inferior. It’s OK that girls feel inferior. After all, they are considered to be by the rest of the world.

As we move into adulthood, we are pretty much brainwashed; we don’t even realize we are already considered ‘less than’. After all it’s where we are meant to be.  In college, rape, no matter its name is often considered to be the woman’s fault. Dress codes exist in schools because men cannot be expected to control themselves. After all, they should get everything they want because they always have gotten what they want.

In adulthood, we women know that our job opportunities are limited pretty much to the ones men don’t want. How many of you men have said or implied that they could never work for a woman because of so many idiotic reasons.  If men don’t do their jobs, it has to be because the boss is a woman, never because they are not capable of doing the job they are being fired from.

Just have a look at what the leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump is saying today.  Right now. And a good percentage of women will vote for him. Scary, but hey, we learned our place long ago.

How many times have you asked a woman friend to have lunch, go to the movies, see a show and she says, “I will have to ask my husband because he doesn’t like it when I go out without him.”
WTF?  Does he ask her or does he tell her when he is going out? 

During the ’70’s, I thought we were on our way to equality, but the Equal Rights Amendment  never even passed in the US and now here we are going backward again.

Now, in this very post, I want you to include the word disabled where you see woman.  Do you now get some idea what we live through on a daily basis.  The world is stacked against us and we seem be unaware or to welcome it.

Until we can make our own worlds as we see them. As long as we accept  second or third class citizenry, we will never change it.  Or maybe we just don’t want to.

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