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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Step by Step

One of the huge things I noticed when I was no longer able to walk was how little energy I had.  I was tired all the time. You would think that riding instead of walking would be easier and take less energy, but you would be oh so wrong.

No matter if you are walking or riding, you have to get up. Out of bed, out of a chair, off the couch, out of the car. Then you have to get from where you are sitting to your scooter or wheelchair. All that takes more energy than you can even imagine.

By the time you are on your way to where you are going,  you are exhausted before you even get off the scooter again. 

Let’s take that in steps. No, not the walking kind, the list kind. You want to go the grocery store.

Step one: Gather your wallet, phone, list and keys.

Step two: Get on the scooter and ride it to the lift on the car. 

Step three:  Get up and and put the scooter on the left, the key in the lift and get that scooter off the ground.

Step four:  Stand there while the scooter slowly goes up on the left.

Step five:  Cover the scooter with its cover. It takes quite a few bungie cords. If you don’t cover it, it’s covered with dust when you get where you are going.

Step six:  Get out of the car and back to the scooter.

Step seven:  Get scooter down from the lift.

Step eight: Put the lift back up so no one in the parking lot drives over it. No one would drive over it, so why that step? You really don’t think that lift is safe in the down position. Not a chance. Some clown will drive over it.

Step nine: Head on in to the store.

Step ten:  Gather your groceries.

Step eleven:  Put the groceries on the conveyor belt to checkout.

Step twelve. Put groceries in the car.

Step thirteen: Haul groceries in the house.

Repeat scooter placement in reverse.

Oh, and now you have to put away the groceries.

Tired yet?  I’m tired just writing this. And you thought we who use handicapped parking spaces have things lucky? Wanna try it. Better go to the gym for a month.

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