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Monday, September 21, 2015

Donna Speaks: There's Hope for Me, Yet!

I've been having some good days lately.  I almost feel normal!  On days like these, I hope and hope is a good thing.

Everyone is different; everyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, et al is different. I do much better in cooler weather. When it's hot, especially hot and humid, I can tolerate being in the sun only a few minutes.  And I do mean a few minutes. Shade helps some, but if I perspire too much, I'll have muscle cramps even if I drink gallons.  And I-ache-all-over comes and it's almost unbearable. I pushed the envelope last summer.  It was my first full summer in our new home and, well, there was soooo much to do.  And I did too much and I lost it.  And I do mean I LOST IT: physically and emotionally.  Not a pretty sight... when I lose it.

My over doing it, my not accepting my limitations, lead to a series of unfortunate events: a three month bout with irritable bowel and all the fun stuff that accompanies that, exhaustion in spades, sleeping more hours than I was awake, and being a real bitch, among other things. So when summer came this year, I did my best to change my approach to life here.  Ya know, not wanting to have another "hysterical woman" scene for Jan to live through.

I still sleep more hours than I want, but I need those hours.  I do not go out in the sun; I refuse.  I've violated this like, maybe, twice in these past three to four months.  I got my gastro shit (so to speak) under control, and when it threatens, I know what to do quickly to regain balance.  I do my best to eat well - so important.  I've researched, Jan's researched, and together we've come up with some supplements that truly have helped.  I'd list 'em all, but, as I said, we are all different and need to create our own regiment.  I also try, off and on, to practice the mountain dulcimer and continue my life-long effort to learn Spanish.  And I frequent my hot tub - hot when it's cold, cold when it's hot, jets ever-ready.

Additionally, and, most importantly, I make best efforts to remind myself how lucky I am to have the life I have with the love of my life:  Thank You, Jan.

Also, I am "retired", so I now have, and now make, the time to enjoy friends.  Friends are so important to a good life. We were fortunate enough to have friends visit our new home every month of this past year - 'cept January.  Like somebody or other said: “Friends double your joy and divide your grief.”  (Or maybe it was "give you grief"?)  We love all of you and thank you each for enriching our life.  

And, have a good day, Althea.

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