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Monday, September 28, 2015

Donna Speaks: The Moon and The Pope

I doubt if any of you will notice that this is my thirteenth post.  There's no reason you should. I know 'cause each of the posts, in addition to being part of Accessible Arkansas Blog, is part of a series I call "Waiting for Normal". I number each one in this series. And I count pretty good.

However, not only is this my thirteenth post, but I'm writing it on the night of the Super Moon, the Blood Moon, the Lunar Eclipse.  We know that "luna", Spanish for moon, is the root word for "lunatic.  

OMG!  Is this a sign?  A portent of some mysterious, awful thing to come? 

And, that's not all.  Get ready.  This is the real kicker: I am an ex-nun and I don't give a damn about the Pope's visit.  It's not quite an accurate reflection, but Shakespeare's play, "Much Ado About Nothing", comes to mind.  Just add "of substance" after "nothing."

There.  I've said it.  I've written it.  People" will now know.  Will I be able to sleep tonight after openly admitting this?  Snore away and defy the superstitions surrounding The Thirteenth, The Blood Moon, The Lunar Eclipse, and The Pope?  

Like a baby, I'll sleep.  But before "I lay me down to sleep", Jan and I'll view the super/blood moon/eclipse with wonder and genuine appreciation for The Wonders of Mother Nature.

Jan is readying the camera.  Got it on the tripod. We hope to get a good photo of a real spectacle. We'll sit on the swing on our deck on this cool September evening - the swing pointed due east where we'll get the best view of the rise and the eclipse.  (We must have intuitively known it needed to be positioned this way when we had the deck built.)  And, patiently, we'll wait. (Well, if you know Jan, not so patiently waiting.)  We'll feel awe, absolute awe, when it happens.  We won't cheer, or cry, or prostrate ourselves on the deck in hysterical admiration. We'll thank Mother Nature for the free show.

Thanks, Mom, thank ya' very much.

For us, for sure, the Super-Blood-Moon-Eclipse beats the pope's visit hands down.  And the world didn’t end either. Some folks have to be disappointed about that.

Have a good day, Althea.  

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