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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sounds Easy Enough

On 15 July 2015 I ordered a new mattress. It was to be a real treat to replace an old Tempurpedic that had lost its memory years ago.

My new mattress arrived on 24 July. Two delivery people put it in place.  I loved my new mattress until….. I wrote the company on 2 August, a few short days later because my beloved new bed was sagging. It took me two weeks to convince them that the mattress was sagging. I even had to put a level on the mattress to prove it. Like I would want to replace a good mattress.  They finally told me they would indeed replace the mattress as long as I paid the $150.00 shipping charge again. 

Uh uh. Their problem, they pay. They finally agreed after I had to take my case to the upper managers. (Their words)

On August 14, after some angry letters, someone arrived from the delivery company and took my mattress away, but they did not bring me a new one. What?

I was left with box springs and no mattress. Now what?  I hauled the single bed mattress from the guest room to my queen size box springs, surrounded it with pillows and slept on that. It was a poor excuse for my new, but saggy and now gone mattress.

On September 2nd, my second new mattress arrived and was set up by the delivery men. Then they pointed out a big stain on the mattress.  I also noticed that the pillow top was crimped at the corners.


The following day, I notified the company of the stains and crimps.  I got an apology and a promise to deliver a new mattress. Uh uh. I want my money back. They say I will get my money back as soon as they get the mattress back and would come to get it soonest.  I have not heard a word since.

How long can this travesty go on?

I will let you know the outcome of the continuing mattress saga.

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  1. What a mess! Last time I went to replace my mattress my wife picked out this beautiful California King mattress. We purchased it first thing on a Monday morning, had it delivered on Thursday morning, but then we looked at it. It was a completely different mattress! We were charged for the beaut and received a stiff excuse. Oh boy...


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