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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Mattress Saga is Over!

At least I hope it is.  This started in mid-July HERE

And continued HERE.

A couple of weeks ago, after sleeping on the stained mattress, I decided I did like it, stain or not, and told Dealbeds I would keep the mattress if they discounted it $250.00. Nope, they said. So I said I would let them pick up the stained mattress.

Remember, this is mattress number 2 from this company.  I printed out the bill of lading for the return and stripped the bed readying it for pick up. They had to deal with the packaging.

But it wasn’t over yet. Dealbeds.com did not send out a truck for pick up.  The day they were supposed to come, Monday, September 21st, they didn’t call, they didn’t show.  I finally called to find out where the truck was and found they were not coming! Why? Because there was no plastic on that particular truck.  Did they bother to tell me? What do you think? No plastic on the truck? C’mon. And no new pick-up date.  In my experience, a new pick-up date takes about 2 weeks to arrange. All over a piece of plastic.

So I still had the stained mattress and no date for it to be picked up.
I had ordered a second mattress from another company and was expecting it some day soon. Was I going to have two mattresses in this little bitty house?  Good lord.  

I called Dealbeds and asked, “Now what.” I feel sorry for the woman who answered the phone because I was, to say the least, angry.  After listening to me for a few minutes, she said, “Hold on a minute.” She came back soon and said Dealbeds would give me the $250.00 that I offered originally.  Fine.  I have a bed, granted all stripped and ready to be picked up. 

I had to remake the bed, but I am pretty good at that by now. 

I got on the phone with the second company and cancelled that order.  I hoped I was on time. 

Turned out I was, that credit card charged cancelled, Dealbeds deducted the $250.00, Second company has not charged my Visa.

I like my bed….I’d better. And I hope, all is well with the world.


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