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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Scootering around Calico Rock

I have showed some photos of past travels in some of the national parks in the US.  Today I want to post a few pics of Calico Rock, AR about 45 minutes away from our house. We live in a part of the  Ozarks that is a vacation destination all by itself and we take advantage of that constantly. 

If we have a houseguest, we always drive them to Calico Rock, Blanchard Springs, Gunner Pool, all within 45 minutes. Blanchard Springs and Gunner pool are part of the Ozark National Forest. 

Calico Rock has a ghost town right next door. Actually it is old Calico Rock that was just left to rot away. There is still a Calico Rock Main Street with stores, mostly for tourists, but a small population keeps Calico Rock going.

Native wood holds up for years.

Broken bridge. How would you like scootering over that?

Window in old CR. Nature has reclaimed her own

Gunners pool, part of the Ozark National Forest is a must see for anyone.  It’s tough on a scooterer, but some of it is doable. Regardless, it is worth the trip, even if some of it has to be seen through a car window.

Gunner pool waterfall

Alligator fossil, no not really, but it doesn't take much imagination to see it.

We have no idea why so many butterflies decided to visit this spot all at the same time.  But we did get a photo of some of them.

Butterfly convention.

A visit to the Natural State has to include seeing the old town of Calico Rock and the recreational areas of Ozark National Forest.

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